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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Mama Em's Review of Dream Dinners of Carson City

I cannot even express how much I wish I had wandered into Dream Dinners sooner. I have been driving by the Carson City location for around five years now, and I always assumed it was one of those places where you pay to take a class on cooking a few key meals. I could not have been more wrong. Bonnie Betts is the owner of the Carson City franchise, and I had the pleasure of meeting her during a vendor event being put on in the shopping center where her store resides. About halfway through the event, I was starving, and I was told that Dream Dinners was selling sample plates, so I decided to check it out. Bonnie and her family run the store together, alongside some of the friendliest staff around. The store is clean and orderly, no crumb left behind! The sample plate I purchased was full of unbelievably tasty food. A little of each of their dinners of the month, from chicken pasta to pork ribs, to onion rings, and topped off with a warm and gooey chocolate chip cookie. My super picky kids attacked my plate and devoured nearly everything on it. I wound up having to go back for a second plate! Come to find out, Dream Dinners is an amazing spot where you can go over a menu that changes monthly, pick out the meals and portion sizes of your choice, and then put them together with easy to follow instructions to take home and cook at a later date. The best part is that everything is ready to put into the freezer when you leave the store, and can stay there for around 3-4 months if you don't get to it right away! I signed up for a three meal package deal that Bonnie was offering, and a few reschedulings later due to my own busy schedule, I finally got to go in and and make my dinners. I chose my three meals in advance, and when I got there for my appointment, Bonnie and her staff had everything ready and waiting for me. I put on an apron, and Bonnie and I got to work. There's a huge island in the center of the store, where several meal prep stations are set up. Each station has a recipe, and an easy-to-follow instruction sheet. All of the ingredients you need are there for you to use, including containers to take everything home in. I was able to prep my three meal choices in about 30 minutes. At checkout, there are side dishes and desserts that you can add on as well. Cooking my Dream Dinners was even easier than preparing them. You just take a meal out of the freezer in the morning, let it defrost in the fridge all day, then follow the instruction card to put everything together and cook it that evening. The best part of Dream Dinners is that you get to make gourmet meals for your family without having to buy all of the ingredients individually. The deal I got in on was $25 for three meals to feed 3-4 people, and there's no way I could've spent less than that on the ingredients alone. My family raved over the meatloaf and mashed potatoes, inhaled the parmesan chicken with almond green beans, and there were no leftovers of the chicken and spinach tortellini! The overall experience of Dream Dinners has got me hooked. I plan to make this happen at least once a month! Bravo to Bonnie and her staff for what they do! For more information about Dream Dinners of Carson City, click here:

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