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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Up Too Early

My 2 year old son was up at 4am today. He was whiney and clingy, and I knew he wasn't ready to be up yet. Okay, okay, I wasn't ready to be up yet. So I got a warm fuzzy throw and we snuggled under it in the rocker-recliner. I was rocking that big old squeeky chair and patting Ray's butt to see if I could knock him out again, but with all the racket in the kitchen of Tim trying to get ready for work, it was pretty unsuccessful. Finally, a few minutes after Tim rushed out the door, Ray's little eyes closed and he started to snore. That's when I realized I was stuck there while my coffee was busy filling the air with it's warm aroma in the other room. Every time I tried to reposition myself to gently place Ray on the chair, he'd start to wake up. So I gave in and thought maybe I could catch a few z's myself. Just as I started to fade into dreamland, my hell raiser of a cat started pawing at the blinds on the window right next to my chair. I waved my hand at him and he ran off into the darkness, only to return for rounds 3, 4 and 5. So I figured he wanted me to come back to bed like I normally do, and I gently stood up and carried my 30-something pound tank of a little boy to my room. I placed him on Tim's side of the king sized bed, and climbed into my own side. The cat jumped up and snuggled between us, happy that his request had been satisfied. Within minutes, I had a cat paw on my stomach, a kid's foot in my rib cage, and Ray's tiny fist on my forehead. He had wormed all the way over to my side of the bed and was working on pushing me off of it. So I gave up. I wadded up my blanket so that he wouldn't fall off the bed and I came back into the living room and sat with my cup of coffee, working on today's tarot card readings. I snuck in to check on Ray about an hour later, and he and the cat were sleeping peacefully, sprawled across the center of the bed. At least SOMEONE got some sleep this morning! Ah, such is the life of a mom.

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