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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Quick & Easy Ways to Help Your Kids Get Rid Of Monsters, Ghosts & Other Scaries

I guess I never put a lot of thought into how to keep the scaries out of the house because I don't believe in negative energies. But... I can see where kids could feel scared about things they see, sense & feel, because they don't understand it. Lately, a lot of my friends have been asking me for tips and tricks to cleanse their homes and help their kids sleep better at night because so many of their kids seem to have a bad case of the heebiejeebies. Here's a list of my favorite ideas and instructions on how to complete them. I've tried to word these for use in any form of faith, and to make them easy to understand for kids of any age. 1. Smudge, smudge, smudge. Anyone can do it. There's several options. You can purchase a white sage smudge wand, light the end on fire, blow out the flame, and then fan the smoke around any area that your child feels is scary, while saying things like "every energy and being must leave us at peace", "Only love, peace and harmony may remain here", etc. You can say whatever you'd like, just get your point accross that it's time for all energies to vacate and not return. If you're not a fan of the smoke that comes along with traditional smudging methods, you can pick up some white sage smudge mist spray through my webstore, and get all the same effects without the smoke or lingering smells. I highly recommend it for people with small children, breathing issues, or indoor pets. 2. Be loud, and be vocal! Teach your child that he or she has full control over the energy that invades is or her space. By yelling out that the scary thing must leave, and never come back, he or she is drawing an invisible line in the sand and standing their ground that they will not allow the energy to torment them or scare them anymore. As a parent, you should follow suit. Yell out "You cannot stay here if you continue to scare little Tommy! This is your final warning!" Be firm. Sme energies don't understand that they're scaring the child and a good stern talking-to will calm things right down. 3. Surround your child in white light. Tell your child to close their eyes and imagine blowing a bubble filled with bright, white light. Tell them to blow it bigger and bigger until their whole body is surrounded by it. Tell them to use their mind to make it glow as bright as they can. Explain that this bubble is pure protection from any outside influence, and that nothing can penetrate it. The walls are made of solid rock, and the light scares away the monsters. The bubble will stay around them while they sleep and only pop when they get up in the morning and the scary things are gone for the day. If you've got your own method on keeping the scaries out, I'd love to hear it!

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